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Thwarting Destruction, Who Cares?

Update: The vegetarian Hot Pocket caused major heartburn.

I have been thinking today, on this one-year anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita about the logistics of rebuilding the Gulf Coast. If I called that my home, of course I would feel a connection to the area and be motivated by deeply personal reasons to hang around there. But have the underlying issues… powerful storms, insubstantial barriers, collapsible infrastructure really been solved? If 100% of reputable scientists agree that the earth is getting warmer, climate patterns are changing, storms in certain areas are getting more powerful and the destruction of particular places (like New Orleans) quite accurately predicted, then what is the logic in dumping so much money into redevelopment if, as the evidence shows, it’s just going to get re-trashed? Shouldn’t we have a system that cares enough about its people to encourage them not toss already depleted resources to the wind and look logically at the situation? Surely someone, somewhere (this government’s administration?) is gaining a heck of a lot from turning a blind eye to common sense.


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