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Goblin in the Wall

This morning at approximately 12:39 a.m. a goblin slipped into the wall between my bedroom and the bathroom and began yanking on the pipes. At first I thought my upstairs Eurasian neighbor had decided to take an uncommonly long bath. Around 1:05 a.m. I wondered exactly how much high pressure water he needed to fill his tub. Around 1:10 the landlord got involved. He pounded on his ceiling / my floor in some sort of Cro-Magnun signal to check if the groover was running. Nope. The goblin then decided to whip out a humongous monkey wrench and loosen the pipe valves. What sounded like groaning metal and really bad organ music (is there any other kind?) followed.

Let me interject that around 11:00 p.m. the evening prior I heard an Armenian Oboe jazzing it up from the adjacent balcony accompanied by energetic shouting. Although strange, I believe this to be entirely unrelated to the goblin.

Mikey and I watched the wall, mouths agape, as the goblin began to shake and vibrate the pipes. I might have thought it was an earthquake except that the floor was steady underneath the thundering wall. Shortly thereafter the goblin got tired and went to bed.

Mikey and I, energized by the strangeness of the early morn events, stayed up and discussed family feuds and who exactly was fighting about throwing him a BBQ when he returned to New England later that day.

I coudln’t sleep a wink in this Twilight Zone until the sun came up.


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