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Huge Hamster Balls

Ell adopted a discarded hamster named TJ from the bio lab. I tell her to wear latex gloves when handling him because he might be atomic. She says the only thing abnormal about him is that he’s got major balls. Poor guy, what did they do to you? He’s also sort of an idiot as he’s not able to figure out how to use his exercise orb. But is it really so unusual for those creatures to be a bit absent in the brain? Ell should try to teach him via her zorbing video. (If only the Kiwis had zorbing on the South Island, I definitely would’ve gone!)

As a child my best friend Shosh had a blue mouse named Auntie Gert courtesy of her scientist father’s lab at NIH. Those places freak me out. Especially since the CIA is breeding all sorts of humanzees in their hidden labs… by far the scariest thing I’ve ever seen on The Discovery Channel.

This just in: Zorbing comes to the USA!!!



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