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What’s Wrong with Tom Cruise’s Smile?

Peggers, DDS, likes to read trash magazines like US Weekly to critique celebrity dental work. Therefore, I have garnered quite a comprehensive professional opinion as to who has ill-proportioned veneers, bad plastic surgeons and faces appearing from the nether regions of deep space.

Case in point, Tom Cruise. A mere glimpse at him and you determine that he’s for sure bananas. What’s in a photograph that makes you jump to such conclusions? I mean he didn’t personally try to convert you to Scientology, did he? I’ll give you a hint, his smile is a favorite at dental conventions.

Tom Cruise Cover

The problem is this – His tooth line is an entire tooth off. The two front teeth should be aligned with the middle of the nose. In Tom’s case, they are skewed one whole tooth to camera right. I don’t know why he doesn’t get this feature fixed. (He’s tried braces but that just hasn’t cut it.) It could help his credibility factor.

Owen Wilson’s broken nose lends itself to his slacker personality. Conversely, Tom’s bad teeth negatively impact his already dicey public persona.

The skinny: fix the tooth line, get more cred. Do it for Suri.


23 Responses

  1. […] Hope y’all had an excellent weekend, maybe even caught a sunray or two… In any event, to either prolong or rectify the weekend-induced mood, here’s an unknown blue-eyes with a “Tom Cruise Smile” […]

  2. Acctually, his smile is not crooked. He has only one front tooth. The rest of his teeth are symetrical in numbers. He has a rare genetic disorder of the Sonic Hedgehog gene. He has the lightest form of this disorder otherwise know as the cyclops disease.

  3. haha. Grace, it sounds like you made that up to go along with his insane “we came from evil alien souls” “religion.” Which, to me is pretty funny seeing as it’s actually true. I was looking up holoprosencephaly when I came across Tom and his one front tooth. Maybe that’s why Nicole wouldn’t have his children!!

  4. my dental teacher alerted us to this! But man it’s bugged me even before she said anything…it really does look like he has a cyclops tooth,

  5. “one front tooth”… He actually has both of his central incisors, he is missing his left lateral incisor, or tooth number 10. Because of this, the teeth to the right (his right) of this arch have shifted. His #9 is where his #10 should be. As far as variation go, the lateral teeth are the most common congenitally missing teeth as well as the teeth with the most variation in morphology.

  6. Actually, the most commonly congenitally missing the are the third molars, then themaxillary lateral incisors

  7. We came from evil alien souls? Wow. I didn’t realize that….

  8. Mr Cruise has been badly advised re his teeth and has accepted a compromise because the Dentist he has seen have not managed his case appropriately


    I suggest

    Treatment plan for Mr Cruise to obtain the perfect smile

    1-2 years of orthodontic treatment to correct centre line and open up space for the upper left lateral incisor to be replaced by a dental implant. (depending on what the rest of the arch is like and position of the roots this space may be opened elsewhere in the upper arch.

    After implant placement new veneers.

    Most imp: Dont go to a hollywood cosmetic dentist. go and see a specialist who is highly trained and good at what they do. He should see several dentists to get their opinion prior to selecting which team to go with.

    If he came to my surgery I would say let me take your x-rays and impressions and send copies to all the best Dentists internationally for a treatment plan.

    He can afford to do this so why not

    Then decide the best way to proceed and invest two years getting his teeth sorted once and for all

  9. Maybe he doesn’t get them “fixed” because there’s nothing wrong with his smile. He looks great in spite of his facial deformities (his jaw and nose are also crooked or uneven). Not every little defect needs to be “fixed”. People have an obsession with being perfect physically. I think it’s great that he hasn’t tried to fix something that’s not really broke. So many celebs have gone the plastic surgery/ cosmetic dentistry route and only made themselves look worse!

    • I agree, it builds character, we are who we are. I think people should learn to love themselves. And has anyone considered, especially those of you who call yourselves “dentists,” that not everything can be fixed. I completely understand this problem because I too have a “Cruise” smile, not as far off center, but definitely off centered. Problem, not a candidate for re-allignment; braces, invisilign, ect. Due to trauma at an early age, the risks far out weight the benefits. So, NO, not everything can be fixed. People love to look at others and critique and say, “why doesn’t he/she do something about x.” Well perhaps they CAN’T or perhaps they really love themselves the way they are. Shame on all of you, it’s you who give less than perfect people a complex.

    • what are you talking about? he’s gone through a shitload of cosmetic dentistry to get to the much improved but still hideously aesthetics of his current deformed face

  10. My son is 14 and has the same problem. He is missing an incisor (tooth #10). That caused his teeth to shift and appear off center. As a baby, the tooth fused together and it just looked like a chipped tooth. The dentist said he would have a 50/50 chance of it coming down separate or not at all. It didn’t down at all. He said it doesn’t bother him however, it has bothered me. I guess when we live in such an imperfect world and people are constantly pointing out other people imperfections I fear for my child. Especially if you have any imperfections about your face or anywhere obvious. Children are cruel. Adults can be much much worse.

  11. […] in Background: Oh, right, that guy with the one big tooth. I loved him in the Last […]

  12. Tom Cruise actually has a rare disorder known as ectodermal-dysplasia. This affects the hair [making it thinner than usual], the skin [less pores than nessacary which can cause overheating], ears [more ear wax is produced], the nails [making them thin and brittle] and the TEETH [teeth do not develop properly, loss of baby teeth is rare, spikey looking teeth can be a result as well as less teeth than nessacary]
    I know this because I too, have ectodermal dysplasia. Most people have more of one of these problems for example my teeth were effected most, my sisters hair was effected most, and my brothers skin was effected most.

    People make the common mistake with Tom Cruise and just think he has bad teeth. Their is nothing worse than not wanting to smile because you are ashamed or embarrassed by your teeth.

  13. Tom Cruise has had a lot of cosmetic dentistry done on his teeth. He had very small teeth, and a doctor in Newport Beach reconstructed crowns in the size that his teeth should be. The problem is because his teeth were so small, the caps (crowns) in the front always break on him. He has several sets of caps, so if one breaks (and they break all the time) he has another set to use. He even knows now to glue in his teeth. As for lining up in the center of his face, because the teeth needed to be significantly larger, it threw off his center line. He has spent A LOT of money on those teeth.

  14. The reason for the breakage of his crowns is because the natural teeth under them are so small, that they don’t support the crown well.

  15. I think and know that Tom Cruise is the greatest actor been a fan since he started out. He is a sexy man. I’m a gay guy. Knowing he is my number 1 top actor…

  16. I have a daughter who appears to have the single incisor in the middle… but also appears to have two canine sharp teeth…..

    SHAME on anyone who makes snide remarks about his teeth… we cannot help what we are born with.. good on him for becoming so successful with this…my daughter is only 2 and i hope people dont make judgements on her personality later cos she has bad teeth :(

  17. wtf is wrong with ur opinions ur so materialistic

  18. […] Actually, if you’ve never noticed his bizarre teeth before you really shouldn’t check out a pic here, if you do you’ll notice them every time and it’ll become pretty distracting. […]

  19. Not entirely sure, but I think Bruce Lee had this same dental affliction to a greater or leser degree….

  20. If you want to see Tom’s teeth before the cosmetic dentistry, watch “The Outsiders” (1983) with Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe. I think those are his real teeth.

  21. Since Tom’s probably restricted to Scientology’s poorly trained orthos and dentists this is the result. You can see that one of his front teeth is dead (the grey at the top), and it appears that he’s had all his teeth capped, veneered or crowned, why you would do that rather than just get your own good teeth straightened (and any dead or busted ones repaired) beats me. Now he has a lifetime of maintaining every single one of his teeth/dentures in his head, and STILL (after all that vanity work) doesn’t have them aligned properly. Really bad job. FTR I don’t think he had anything really wrong with his teeth originally, except one of the front teeth was broken in half (and probably died) and they weren’t aligned well, a simple orthodontic fix. what a mess over nothing.

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