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Excerpts of Confliction 2002-2006

I found this book that I scribble in when I’m particularly, as Pa says, “conflicted” and thought I might share an excerpt from each day:

  • 06/03/02 There are few things that I wouldn’t do for my art but there are plenty of things I wouldn’t do for Hollywood.
  • 06/19/02 Such subversive pomp and circumstance is always suspect.
  • 07/10/02 He says it sounds like the time her husband, a CIA operative, was murdered. According to the government, it was food poisoning but we know better.
  • 07/25/02 Or maybe not.
  • 08/03/02 Agitated, also, on the lack of word regarding the Hamas Hebrew University bombing. Intently and with a palpitating heart, watched CNN as Americans killed ran across the ticker. Didn’t see Shosh, thank god.
  • 08/05/02 She claims like Face Lift to be a feminist.
  • 08/06/02 I can’t think.
  • 08/08/02 Witness to high-speed car chase commencing in front of the Target by the airport whereby two squad cars, sirens, lights, bullhorns and all attempt to apprehend an RV whence-forth a woman sticks her head outside the driver’s side window and tells them to “fuck off.”
  • 09/07/02 He is not a person of character.
  • 09/12/02 W is the dumb man’s president.
  • 10/06/02 Montgomery County psycho killers on the loose today.
  • 10/08/02 I guess people enjoy getting meaningless awards.
  • 10/10/02 Posed in front of the town sign professing, “Darwin: Population 50 or so.”
  • 11/08/02 The first night we got locked in a cathedral in Tours after they broke in and had to be rescued by an old spinster with a torchiere and iron key.
  • 12/04/02 Actually, it was at the heart of the “pubic triangle”, an area, no less, chock full of nudie bars and other establishments of the sort. Needless to say, she was not aware of this when choosing the flat.
  • 01/19/03 His therapist thinks he belongs in jail.
  • 03/06/03 There was a torrential downpour all the way to Orange County.
  • 03/07/03 He freaked out because of all the talk about fire and brimstone from the priests. The songs were beautiful and sad and rejoicing a new life after death.
  • 07/12/03 There’s something almost perverse about this illusion.
  • 07/15/03 I didn’t even make it to the quarter finals.
  • 07/27/03 I think it’s true, too. Everything great in my life I never expected. Then again, there’s been a lot of crap that I never expected either.
  • 08/06/03 I am trying not to freak out about it but, my god, what am I doing with this life?
  • 08/16/03 Even they are in their ecosystem of bad ideas.
  • 08/21/03 What a shame.
  • 08/22/03 She sounds exactly the same, flitty, bubbly and all that.
  • 08/25/03 I can’t even imagine what that’s like.
  • 09/01/03 I just don’t want her to turn out stupid.
  • 09/05/03 Not as willing to risk it all for a one in a million chance at… something. So he’s being replaced.

(not exactly sure what happened from 2004 – 2005)

  • 07/28/06 The discovery threw me into a month-long nervous breakdown.
  • 08/11/06 It’s so weird.

And so on.


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