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Gutenblog ist Schade

Lost BlogsIn the final stages of finishing Paul Davidson’s novelty book, The Lost Blogs From Jesus to Jim Morrison: The Historically Inaccurate and Totally Fictitious Cyber Diaries of Everyone Worth Knowing, a birthday gift from The Machine. Lost Blogs is not a great book. Some of the blogs’ typesets make them hard on the eyes to read. I wanted sharper humor from this high concept. But it just treads mediocrity’s waters, occasionally riding a wave of outright offense. Once in a blue moon, though, Davidson’s fictitious blogs did make me smile: like Johannes Gutenberg’s “Gutenblog”: simply a blog creation service.

So then I thought Gutenblog. Gutenblog. Gutenblog. An awesome blog name just begging for genius content! I rushed to gutenblog.wordpress.com and found… that it has been taken. Taken no less by someone either unaware or unfeeling of the gutenblog’s power. I mean just look at the posts. Was ist das? Curse the stars!

Then to torture myself I keyed in www.gutenblog.com. Curse the stars again! It’s one of those sites that although they claim to be a “publishing resource”, is a chaotic reeking of superfluous ad revenue.

With a heavy heart I report that Gutenblog is neither guten nor an active blog. Schade.


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