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A Very Merry Halloween to All!

Jack-o-lanternHappy Halloween everyone! I was feeling particularly crafty this morning so I got a hold of a pumpkin and made what you see to the left. Jack-o-lantern carving proved rather easy as I was not relegated to the dull “kiddie knife” that Ma would give us when we were tots. I have distinct memories of shivering on the back patio, my winter coat covered in pumpkin guts and my hands slimy, unable to properly grip the slippery faux-tool that was prone to sawing off my carefully planned pumpkin teeth in the most inopportune places.

But the whole jack-o-lantern experience wasn’t all painful. I certainly wasn’t relegated to choosing an unnaturally symmetrical pumpkin from the grocery store as I am in Los Angeles. In Maryland, Ma would take us to Butler’s Orchard, an actual farm, where we would search high and low in the pumpkin patch for one that wasn’t too knobby or muddy. Ma let all the kids pick out their own pumpkin with Baby Ell, in her teddy bear ears, choosing a small gourd or two.

I was considering heading down to the largest Halloween street party in the world tonight ~ the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval ~ where they scored both Tiffany and Kevin Federline as “entertainment.” As the Carnaval is visual, creative, crazy and free it piques my interest; however, I hearken back to my past experiences with the event and almost shed tears over the traffic. I have a feeling that I’m just going to be watching the live webcast instead. Just a quick shoutout now to those Midwestern folks who participated in the Halloween festivities in Madison… no insane rioting this year… way to go party city!

And finally… as announced last week in the Baby Hatchetface series Inappropriate Halloween Costumes (Part 7), I will now list my favorite costume for the 2006 Halloween season. It is…

Body Bag Halloween CostumeBody Bag. Body Bag is an absurd, hysterical, creepy and approachably palatable blend of Halloween appeal. I appreciate that the topically-relevant Body Bag is presented in monochromes as it allows the eye to fully soak in the costume without the distraction of too many bells and whistles. Nice makeup touches (I’d go with a tad more blood, bruises, scars) add to the zombie effect and bury the comparisons of a walking garment bag. Hee hee. Body Bag.

Alright, folks, time to break out the pillowcase and get ready for some serious candy loot!


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