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Backsass and Sabotage in the Workplace

Kapalm can’t get along with others. But we’re still pals. Kapalm deep-sixed Breezer who returned from the Peace Corps with a major torch for her. Breezer always irked me with his aggressive naievete. Kapalm always gets in trouble with the “man” for failing to rein in her back-sassiness in the face of shadiness. Or obstacles which, agreed, is problematic.

I prefer to utilize tactics of making the “man” unwittingly sabotage himself. Unfortunately in my self-employment, I am unable to enjoy such comforts so I resort to sharing plots with Kapalm. I tell her to request a copy of her HR file as per the California Labor Code so she can begin writing rebuttals.

Kpalm loves The United States, Texas, Hair Metal Bands, The Bush Family, Dogs, Fajitas, Guns, Lifetime and Horror Movies.


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