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2007 Slamdance Film Festival – NARRATIVE FEATURE COMPETITION

The following films will compete in the Narrative Feature Film Competition at the Slamdance Film Festival which is held from January 18-27 in Park City, Utah.


  • AMERICAN FORK (Director: Chris Bowman) – The life and times of Tracy Orbison, a grocery clerk with the mind of a dreamer, the soul of a poet and the body of a really fat man.
  • AMERICAN ZOMBIE (Director: Grace Lee) – Two filmmakers team up to document a group of zombies in Los Angeles and their struggle to gain acceptance in the human community. [Grace Lee won a Silver Medal at the Student Academy Awards in 2002]
  • BANGKOK (Director: Colin Drobnis) – When Paul, a career soldier, is discharged from the Army, he sets off for Southeast Asia in search of his long lost MIA father. Quickly adrift in the seductive, unfamiliar landscape of modern day Asia, he’s targeted by a Bible-toting pickpocket and the two men strike an uneasy friendship.
  • CRIME FICTION (Director: Will Slocombe) – James Cooper is a hopeless writer. After a late-night argument with his girlfriend spirals out of control, James winds up with blood on his hands and a body in his trunk. And he finally finds a story.
  • THE DEATH OF MICHAEL SMITH (Director and Screenwriter: Daniel Casey) – Set in the shadows of a harsh Detroit winter, “The Death of Michael Smith” follows three men with the same name, inextricably linked to a mysterious murder.
  • MURDER PARTY (Director and Screenwriter: Jeremy Saulnier) – A random invitation to a Halloween party leads a lonesome man through the desolate wastes of Brooklyn and into the hands of a rogue collective intent on murdering him for the sake of their art. [Saulnier previously won the Slamdance 2004 Grand Jury Sparky Award for Best Narrative Short, “Crabwalk”]
  • OVER THE GW (Director and Screenwriter: Nick Gaglia) – Based on a true story of two teenage siblings who get sucked into an abusive, cult-like drug rehabilitation program.
  • THE PATH OF MOST RESISTANCE (Director and Screenwriter: Peter Kelley) – Solitude is an essential part of Tom McKenna’s secretive profession, but this New Year’s Eve, which promises to be the most important night of his life, Tom is confronted with a complication he couldn’t have anticipated, and faced with an extraordinary choice – which path will he choose?
  • TIJUANA MAKES ME HAPPY (Director and Screenwriter: Dylan Verrechia) – A boy will do anything to become a man and win the heart of a young prostitute, even fight his rooster.
  • UNDER THE SUN (Director and Screenwriter: Baran bo Odar) – August 1984, a long hot summer weekend: twelve year old Viktor is sent to his aunt’s where he is confronted with the strange adult world, his older cousin and the neighbor’s dog. [Germany]

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