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Pineapple Allergy

pineapple.jpgYup, I do declare I have one. I ordered something called a Golden Pineapple Salad from Corner Bakery even though each time I vow that I will never go there again because they always screw up my order, forget to make my order and I once saw someone slicing a ham in the meat slicer while stuffing the scraps into their mouth. But their cream cheese brownies are passing-out good.

Anyway, the first time I ate the pineapple, I felt like I had a sinus infection. I chalked it up to unsanitary restaurant conditions. The second time, I thought that it was seasonal pollen. And the third time, I skipped Corner Bakery altogether and bought raw pineapple chunks from the grocery store. I feel slightly feverish and like I’m about to get a very painful sore throat. So, yup, I gotta raw pineapple allergy. I am okay, though, with eating cooked pineapple. I THINK I’m okay with pineapple from a can but I’ll have to eat a few rings to be sure. Maybe el L will supervise when she comes here.


2 Responses

  1. so do i my throat swells HURTS DOESNT IT

  2. Sorry to hear that. From what you wrote, I would agree it is an allergy reaction. Here are some more symptoms: http://www.ehow.com/about_5053083_pineapple-allergy-symptoms.html

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