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Razor, Man’s Best Friend

There comes a time in many men’s lives when they experience androgenetic alopecia or, in street terms, you’re balding, fool! As a young lady preparing to exit my 20s I’ve seen many men try and cope with this issue.

  • Some try medicines like Propecia. I have yet to see a Propecia-taker effectively revitalize his hairline.
  • Some try hair transplants. It looks weird and while some tendrils remain long, the overall effect is still noticeably thinned hair.
  • Some try toupees. Hideous.
  • Some just don’t care. If utilizing this method, please trim the sides frequently for an even, non-distracting look.
  • Some do the gel spiky look. This really does not do much to hide the baldness but aesthetically it can lend itself to a creative, faux artsy look.
  • Some do the comb-hideove which, more contemporarily, seems to originate from the midcranium and get pushed straight to the front in an attempt to fluffily hide nature’s course. This method is the one I find most problematic. Dude, no. Just don’t do it!! I beg, I mean BEG you. This really only serves to cast a bright spotlight on your gaping insecurities. Please, if your impending baldness bothers you that much just…
  • TAKE A RAZOR TO IT. Britney Spears it, baby. You see those dumb commercials where the guy, Gary or Doug or some jackass name like that, has a full, luscious head of hair and comes out on top with a promotion and a woman on each arm. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way but I find a full, luscious head of hair on any man over 35 to be outright creepy. The confidence to go out proud and in control is infinitely more attractive than trying to outsmart nature.

Happy clipping.


One Response

  1. I agree. I think bald men are sexy.

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