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Disaster Bats

Before Mikey left on his bonus cruise, I made him watch BATS. I dunno, it was a lazy sort of afternoon and no one was feeling particularly motivated. I only meant to watch a minute or two, just enough time to see a bat, but got sucked in to sitting through nearly an hour of the thing. Besides, disaster movies are great ways to see who’s hurting for the benjamins… like the bad warden from SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and Mr. Lou Bamba Diamond Phillips. BATS is, naturally, semi-gratuitously bloody and thus I’m surprised Mikey didn’t pass out. In fact, he was laughing right along with me. I can’t say that I recommend BATS but if this log line appeals to you, you might want to give it a whirl:

Moderately-budgeted disaster flick amok with cheesy scenarios, so-so effects and occasionally laugh-out-loud dialogue about a bad scientist’s experiment gone wacky on a small Texas town in the form of smart bats and the goody two shoes characters who try to save the day.

My favorite line of dialogue is from the bad scientist responding to what compelled him to create a super-bat:

“We’re scientists. That’s what we do. We make things better!”

Mikey and I were rolling. Mikey wants to be a sheriff in a disaster movie.


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