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28th Day – Las FB

FB worked his magic on the tank today.  He’s sort of funny, like enthusiastic or idealistic or concerned without being jaded.  In addition to maintaining aquariums, he organizes anti-war protests, composes music, bass rocks in a rock/slightly-hardcore ensemble at those big clubs on the Sunset Strip, entrepreneurs as a booking agent and ventures into art direction for some horrid Z-list Sony-produced abomination.  He showed me his band’s Myspace page.   Accordingly, the band has a big South American following.  As in gun-toting revolutionaries in South America following.  I question whether FB is afraid the CIA will target his band but he counters that they’re pretty vocal about their political messages and aren’t doing anything that “underground”.  I guess they’re adopting a transparency policy.  Pretty “optimistic” if you ask me.


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