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Circadian Rythym, Going Strong Night and Day

A suspected relative of the weird sleep-talk thing, my circadian rythym don’t take orders from nobody. This has caused much contention in the past but there’s not much I can do about it. For example, if I am prematurely roused and given important instructions about daily tasks, I will fall back asleep and reawaken without any recollection of the alleged conversation. So please, PUT IT IN WRITING.

This morning I had to meet a work deadline so I woke up super early and finished a very detailed project. I also, apparently, went outside and drove Dr. Bertie’s car around the block. Although, as I am writing this, I have no memory of ever doing these things, I know they must be true because 1) I haven’t received any panicked phonecalls from the job and 2) I woke up with keys in my hand and Dr. Bertie’s car is parked in a different parking spot than where I left it last night.

I suppose it’s better than having a sleep-eating disorder like those people who have to sleep with their refrigerators locked for fear of choking on chicken bones in the middle of the night.


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