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Rumoric Momentum, Sheesh

God bless Lens.  He invited me to this accomplished writer’s thingie at the WGA and it was quite unexpectedly relaxed, hilarious and brainy without a trace of poom-bahsity.   It got me jazzed about longevity and righteousness and other hard to find things.  Hansley was s’posed to go but word says he’s busy with twins and a NYC pizza parlor.  I mean really.  Just really.

What else can I tell you?  Oh, to clear up a rumor perpetrated by some real pieces of work who don’t even have any business regarding the following save for disgusting gossip’s sake:  I never said that Fudge pushed Grampy off the chair.  I said that Fudge OVERTURNED Grampy in the chair which begets an action not necessarily steeped in intent.  Which is true, by the way.  Fudge did overturn Grampy in the chair.  However, the adamance with which this rumor circulated is quite alarming and took a fourth-generation phone call from Mums to verify its truth.  Heck, even though she didn’t believe it, its momentum caused her to doubt logic.



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