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Murdered at the Dentist, T or F?

Okay, so this rumor business is getting a little out of control. The latest juicy bit circulating around town is that someone’s father, while this someone was in utero, went to the dentist for a routine appointment and was murdered while in the dental chair. Truth or Exaggeration? Hmm… this subject is a little too delicate to ask outright…

Arguments for Truth:

  • this someone’s madre had her house broken into at least twice while madre and this someone were home
  • this someone’s sister-in-law’s uncle was murdered in the course of international espionage
  • dental offices are scary

Arguments for Exaggeration:

  • the source of this rumor once trumpeted that my mother never ate leftovers which, based on the number of times that I heard, “does this smell like it’s still good?” growing up, is an out and out misstatement
  • I may have been present when the murder rumor was allegedly confirmed but I seriously do not recall it ever being mentioned
  • the source of this rumor has decided not to like this someone’s mother, no matter how similar they are to each other

I’d use the truth is stranger than fiction defense, but where I come from, both tend to be equally bizarre.


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