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28 Days Electric / Frenetic

Um, k so I have no idea where the past 48 hours went but I got to get my shit together cuz Polly’s coming out here next week and this place is a ginormous disaster.  I hope I can convince her to cut my hair.  I’m sick of these $100 LA trims.  It just ain’t right, yo.  LM says I need to talk some business sense into her.  Like I know anything about business sense!  I wonder how pissed they’ll be when Polly returns all pierced and tatted… which at this point looks like a very real possibility.

Anyway, at some point a surround sound system showed up for Mikey so now the living room is covered in Styrofoam and electronics.  Vol is pissed.  More family news:  Granny is going as demented as Grampy, demanding multiple lunches.  JT and I figured out that it’d take at least 28 days for the electric bike to make it to the Northwoods, assuming we had a solar powered generator and an ample supply of tires.  JT is now cranking out movies faster than I can write a new sentence for FH.  Somehow el L just might save the family from total embarrassment, attaining full employment status just days after graduating.  My work = blows.

Off to find the 3 Musketeerses.


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