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Independence in California

What I missed while I was soaking in the Cali sun and drinking a Jamba Juice to ring in this year’s Independence Day:

  • Getting candy thrown at me while sitting on the dock watching an impromptu parade of a baker’s dozen worth of party boats cruise around the lake
  • Raiding a cooler full of Jolly Goods for the Root Beer
  • Watching two enormous Italian families (not mine) try to show each other up on the baseball diamond
  • Conspiring NOT to go the annual Strassie Picnic
  • Prodding a steaming dish of beanie weenie
  • Jumping on an enormous trampoline and not barfing
  • Soaking Grampy with a water-balloon
  • Shooting skeet
  • Hearing the miraculous feat of Buddy catching a line-drive with his bare hands
  • Touring the basement covered wall to wall, top to bottom, in antler garland
  • Touring the bedrooms covered wall to wall, top to bottom in deer heads
  • Midnight crashing a bicycle at the end of Granny’s driveway
  • Detonating massive fireworks over the water
  • Cracking jokes at the expense of the star-spangled aqua ballet
  • Beholding the nostalgic magic of the laser show set, always, to classic 80s
  • Sonic booms, sulfer smoke and air debris walking back from the fireworks show
  • Avoiding namesake’s brother’s friend trying to by ganja downtown on the Mall and ending up ripped off in an alley
  • Smashed Metro riding
  • Still being awake when the fishermen hop into their boats

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