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Mine, Mine, ALLL MINE

I’m an idea person.  I like thinking up grand and awesome things and, when motivated, bringing them to fruition. I also like sharing my grand and awesome ideas with my friends, and, okay, the world.  HOWEVER I have a friend who seems to think my grand ideas are his.  This guy is generally pretty nice so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say, for now, that he has a disorder where he GENUINELY BELIEVES that he’s thunk these things up.  I don’t think that this is just a situation of me having an acute memory.  And it’s particularly irritating because:

  • I’m dry wit to his sloppy cheese.
  • He does not give credit to original ideas (like complex scientific research and studies that may supplement a discussion) whereas I always (to the best of my abilities) cite my sources.
  • I will get people on board with my ideas to support my point of view and benefit me / humanity but when he steals my great ideas, the only benefit him.

It’s gotten to the point where anything intelligent or funny that he says, I just assume that he’s (unconsciously?) stolen from somebody else.  Harsh, I know.  So I don’t know what I should do… disengage… feed him bad ideas…  I think he just does not play well with others, poses a huge professional/creative liability and would be an excellent candidate for the next Kim Jong Il.


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