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Breakin’ Out

So here I am enjoying my last week in my 20s and trying not to freak out. Aren’t you supposed to have all the answers when you’re 30? I’m a little bit behind the ball. Honestly, I can’t even see the ball. All in all, though, I consider my 20s a success. A couple highlights, for old time’s sake, from the last decade:

  • making movies!!!
  • graduating kollege in one piece
  • getting out of town
  • working with the rich and famous / surviving Xenu
  • not working with the rich and famous
  • having time to read books
  • traveling all over the place
  • embarking nutty adventures
  • besting nature, for now
  • rafting whitewater
  • climbing a glacier
  • hiking out of a canyon
  • running around the desert
  • snorkeling with stingrays
  • driving around Europe in a company Mercedes
  • touring military installations
  • watching a 3:30 pm sunset over Hogwarts
  • exploring art
  • getting lost in every small farm town in the Midwest
  • almost winning $8,000 in a slot machine
  • finding my most favorite city
  • finding my relatives
  • starting and running a company
  • creating this blog
  • writing and finishing a major historical tome
  • telling stories!!!
  • taking pictures!!!
  • making movies!!!

And finally, finding out that I wasn’t the only person who drove, and almost overturned, Granny’s car into a ditch. Although I was but 13 or 14 at the time, I used to feel really stupid. But now I just feel normal. Yay.


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