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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween people. Thanks for making this the best Halloween season EVER for the Baby Hatchetblog. I beat my goal of 6,000 hits this month by nearly 3X over. Awesome. I bought a pumpkin that I was going to carve today since Mikey found a rusty pumpkin carving set in the holiday closet complete with patterns. Hopefully I can get all if my blasted work finished and get my hands on that. Then I might finish my bag of fun-size 3 Musketeers and watch a scary movie until I get too traumatized and switch the tube over to TBS. I’m not going trick-or-treating because, frankly, I don’t trust the hospitality of my neighborhood. I did see, however, a costumed barrista this morning at Starbucks so that was at least a little Halloweenie.

But I am here to bring you the final installment of the Baby Hatchetface Inappropriate Halloween Costumes: 2007 series, not justify my Halloween spirit. So, without further adieu and ado, here is Baby Hatchetface’s pick for the MOST INAPPROPRIATE HALLOWEEN COSTUME OF 2007:

Champion Cock Fighter (Rickyshalloween.com). Thanks to Raisenette for the 11th Hour tip. I chose Champion Cock for the King of all Inappropriateness because it is hideously ugly, abnormal, topical and ethically repugnant. The obvious – as per the case of Michael Vic, animal fights for sport are, to say the least, culturally unacceptable in the mighty USA. You’re definitely going to need those boxing gloves if you wear this costume, son, because you’re going to get your ass whooped. And on a sportsmanship note, what’s up with the cracked-out chicken eyes? Someone’s been drugging before the big match again. And traveling a little further, the human-like abs… what the hell is this thing anyway? I’m so far lost in its mire I can barely peck my way out. Dang, it’s like Chernobyl at the Perdue Plant.


Thanks for the memories. See you next year!


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