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A Carnival of Sorts

I meant to write a pictorial blog about the strange carnivals that pop up on vacant lots around the neighborhood, that I never know exist until I see the brightly lit tilt-a-whirls and hear the Doppler screaming of families going ’round and ’round.  I found one the other day, driving down Cahuenga, on the opposite side of the funeral home.  I never know who sponsors these things, if the carnies get permits from the city or if the lot owners invite the carnies.  And if these mini-carnivals are even publicized because who would go out of their way to ride a tilt-a-whirl in a thrashy lot under a mass of powerlines?

But instead, I’ve ended up on the east coast, walking through mist and thinking that I should at least do research for my interview tomorrow with the Big Honcho of the Big Institution but it all seems so unfathomable that I’m not one bit worried of the outcome.  I mean, my mind is in five different places right now – tying up the last little bits on the site, dreaming of the stone necklace I bought at the enormous flea market in Pasadena and how it would look so good unstrung and cemented into a mosaic, sifting through all the things I need to do in my 6 hour layover in Cali before I make a “not-looking-forward-to-it” documentary in New Orleans at the end of the week.

Well, that’s three big ones which don’t even include finding birch beer or the note that I MUST write to thank so-and-so for recommending the most fantastic film collection I have ever seen.  So, up to five and I’m alive.


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