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Merits of Composition.

I used to dislike composition notebooks because you can’t tear out the pages and destroy bad ideas.  I am also very particular about the line spacing on my paper and do not appreciate the extra-chunky ruled that seem to plague a lot of composition notebooks.

But in the course of my travels, I’ve grown to love composition notebooks (assuming the line width is under control) because they’re a perfect size to be on hand but not out of hand.  Also, their  binding is durable and won’t get squashed like horrible wire-bound notebooks.

I am currently writing scenes in a composition book with a tough red cover.  The inside flap has a space for emergency contact information (EMPTY) and a space to record a class schedule (LONG DIVISION and an AMORTIZATION TABLE).  The back flap has a list of keyboard shortcuts (whatever happened to metric conversion tables?), search engine directories, meta crawlers and a mini email address book.

Today I’ve reached the halfway point in my composition book, after adding a list of French folk music to be used in a mini-doc to the back of a scene about wood chopping and the shores of Gitche Gumee.


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