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The Most Amazing Year Ever!!!

Hey Hey! Happy New Year! Does anyone else feel that this is going to be the most flippin’ AWESOME year ever? Maybe I’m just all hopped up on the unbelievable slew of things that have been a’happenin’ recently… but seriously, I am mega-excited for this upcoming year. Forget dire cash flow issues, I’ve got this to think about:

  • Entrenched up to the torso in a steamer trunk full of murky artifacts, I decide to give a pile of 19th century linens another look and discover, hiding at the bottom of the pack… THE MISSING CANDY DISH! A caveat to the discovery is how to sensitively break the issue to the rest of the Hatchetfaces, some of whom are more interested in the monetary value than the aesthetic value of the piece. But this artifact doesn’t deserve to remain buried. Legally, could we argue that we are the rightful owners? Yes. Ethically, should we just hand it over to Granny and let her enjoy/deal with it? Perhaps. Can Pops consciously keep a secret? No. Might I spill the beans in my sleep? Yes. Will somebody utter the phrase FINDERS KEEPERS, LOSERS WEEPERS in the upcoming months? Probably. Eek, I believe Steinbeck wrote a book about this.
  • Shortly before the New Year’s Eve, I receive a voice mail, a long, funny voice mail… from Bud-nix. He wants to make a copy of a note I sent him re: a suggested film series for it’s uber-revolutionary directory who happens to be a friend.
  • I call Bud-nix back regarding the above and we chat about art projects and Hopis and Armageddon and he’s all like I’m going to be in AZ and I’m all like I’m going to be in AZ, maybe our paths will cross. And he’s like, I really hope they do. So now I get to chat it up with Bud-nix person-to-person next week. Whee!!!

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  1. […] end up involved in the steamer trunks, cataloging antiques and ridiculously expensive and mistreated artwork while Ma tries to shovel a […]

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