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Arctic Annex

The jet lands in Rhinelander, amidst concerns from the passengers about why we would possible need flotation devices if all the lakes are frozen over. Give us emergency ice axes!

Trees and Sky

With a plentiful snowfall on the ground, Wissie proves a prime winterous lark. The Wooden Tinderbox opens for it’s first December ever! El L and I share the Arctic Annex while Ma and Pa take the Sewer Burp Suite. The Machine, Cujo and Winky bunker down in the Granny Flat. I string together a few strands of weak Christmas lights and create quite a Rockwellian window display.

Snow on Leaves

Ma ruminates on the daily activities of the RZAs and I tried, in vein, to explain that if an institution is psychotic and hateful, you can’t talk sense into it. Gotta just let it go.

Pa fires up the wood stove, puts the needle on the vinyl, pours himself a bourbon and gets the Dr. V Experience in full swing. El L and I descend to work on the most heinous Wolf Puzzle in the history of puzzles. Later, we pick up a more pleasant glow-in-the-dark Train Puzzle from WalMart.

Logging Situation

I end up involved in the steamer trunks, cataloging antiques and ridiculously expensive and mistreated artwork while Ma tries to shovel a skating rink. Sadly, the snow was too powdery and the underlying ice too bumpy for an acceptable skating experience. The next-door-neighbors auger an ice hole and everyone bounds over for sociability among the walleyes.

At the other end of town, the local bar-on-the-lake sponsors an ice dip for charity (don’t ask me how that works) so we show up to bear witness to the bad judgment. Temperatures drop to 15 degrees and I break my week-old videocamera trying to force it to capture the festivities. People be crazy in the Northwoods.

Ice Plunge

Plungers plunge and we walk to the park for ice skating but it had snowed and the Zamboni hasn’t yet been in operation so it’s a no-go. We drive to Manitowish Waters for a sleighride but most didn’t want to wait for 20 minutes for the Clydesdales to get hitched to the wagon so another no-go.

We cook a lot of dinners and I eat too much. I really need to work on my self control. There’s a reason I don’t keep food in the house. We drive to the cemetery, strap on snowshoes and/or boots and wade into The Land. Cujo and Winky run around and I snap a few shots with my glorious new digital camera.

Snowy Woods

Ma gets us into midnight sledding which is particularly exciting as we can’t see the path which ends at the Neighbor’s SUV. We have a participant act as lantern-holder midway down the path to encourage safety. I muse regret that we didn’t purchase The Corral’s waterslide at the auction because we sure could’ve turned it into an awesome bobsled track.


Pa forces us on hour-long trail-less Lake Hikes which proves easier days later after snowmobiles come by and create nice tracts for semi-easy mobility. At my suggestion, we head to the Ojibwe Museum on the Reservation and I am thrilled to discover, hanging on the wall, an enlarged copy of a court order against that a-hole Crist for harassment. Goooo Wissie!!

Walking Back To House

(Cheers to el L for contributing 4 of the above photos.)


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