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Treasure Hunting

The Vamputer is baking something delicious called APOCALYPSE WEDDING which means I have a little bit of time to get caught up and move into the leap year.  [Administrator’s Note:  Due to the delay in publishing this blog, APOCALYPSE WEDDING is now finished.  It remains my biggest contribution to society to date.]

I was running around the Sonoran Desert last weekend, singing Tagalog karaoke with Granny and Grampy. My favorite memory in the 30 years I’ve known them is a spirited round of Mrs. Robinson.  “Put it in the pantry with your cupcakes.”   Speaking of which, Cheetah made THE BEST cupcakes in the history of the world and as we indulged in the chocolate treats, we most animatedly spoke of the evil the sick and psychotic canis lupus puzzle casts upon the world.

We ate a feast at the Dragon and Bud-nix was on his feet after his medical misfortune. He humored me with intelligent conversation.  Semi-related, when news of my steamer trunk rummaging sufaced, the ISSUE of the candy dish came up no less than four times and I finally in a roundabout casual way asked Granny about her wishes for it which are for ME to HIDE IT. FOREVER. (BTW, Pops found my site by googling the specifics of the candy dish so I s’ppose I should privatize those posts one of these days.)

JT, a year away from getting his pilot’s license, schooled us in the art of air traffic controlling.  I asked him what it means when the tarmac personnel juggle the orange sticks like they do in Wissie but he didn’t have any answers.

I left the desert on a Tuesday afternoon, finding 3:00 PM an ideal time to trek it back to Los Angeles.  I encountered a most peculiar site on I-10s straight shoot – the town of Quartzite.  I was a little freaked out as I stepped among the billowing white tents and the armada of RVs on my way to petrol.  Was it the quiet of the desert?  The lone rack of t-shirts blowing back in the wind?  The even bigger circus tent with a Jesus revival sign at its entrance?  The men’s and women’s portajohns on guard outside of the gas station?  Yes.

But then, safe in my apartment, I googled the oddity of the place and found that in January and February Quartzite is home to the largest rock, gem and fossil market in the world.  Not to mention an awesomely huge coordinating flea market specializing in hand-crafted wares and miscellaneous accouterments.

The skinny?  I gotta go back.


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