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My Northwoods Viewing Habits

Media I had never seen before (or don’t remember seeing) before I saw ’em these past few months in the Northwoods:

  • BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT – Classic Summertime with the kids movie experience.  A chock-full action-packed bonanza which could have done without the whole Malaysian connection for a tighter pull and more even action-drama balance.  As is, exhaustingly go, go, go.
  • ROBOCOP – Lived up to expectations.
  • ALONG CAME POLLY – Pointless.
  • PLANET OF THE APES – Hyper sexual Charleton Heston is creepy.
  • BEING THERE – Cute, though message-y.
  • CASTLES OF TRANSYLVANIA – More creepy the hyper sexual Charleton Heston.  In fact, one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen.  Watched it with my grandparents on All Hallow’s eve.
  • THE CANTERVILLE GHOST – Immensely enjoyable, nice twist on socio-economic relationship musings.
  • CHUCK NORRIS WALMART TRIOLOGY – Speaks for itself, though for some reason, these are the only films my mother can stay awake through their entirety when viewed at home.
  • SUPERBAD – I enjoyed the ending.
  • 21 – I suspect serious derivations from a book much beloved by a certain ex-coworker.
  • ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD – Snobby but darkly humorous in that Herzog way.
  • ALFRED HITCHCOCK ANTHOLOGY – Never ceases in its wonderment.
  • IRON MAN – One of the most highly entertaining superhero flicks I’ve seen.
  • BACK TO SCHOOL – Stupid but entertaining, worth the dumb gags for the Vietnam scene.
  • BAGDAD CAFE – Weird but I liked it.  Spawned a rash of late-night Mojave dreams.
  • GRAN TORINO – Bizarre but entertaining.
  • VEGAS VACATION – I didn’t laugh once.
  • ROBIN HOOD MEN IN TIGHTS – I laughed often.
  • LA DOLCE VITA – Strange and beautiful.  The costumes and scenery are truly awesome.
  • JOE DIRT – I laughed once or twice.  I expected more.
  • FREEDOM WRITERS – Pander-y.
  • PERSEPOLIS – Whoa.
  • THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD – I love westerns so I enjoyed the western-y of this but beyond that, it was sort of boring.
  • STARDUST – Very entertaining, despite Claire Danes’ appearance.
  • THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO – I was entertained but missed the hoopla.  Realistic ending.
  • CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD – Obviously the writing is a-one but all in all, I was sort of annoyed by the whole bit.
  • SYRIANA – I’d still mack on George Clooney, even if he was a killer, overweight and had a weird beard.
  • PERSUASION – Chick flick.  Me like.
  • SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2 – Bouncy and colorful.  Nice performances.
  • TUMBLEWEEDS – I got a strange feeling of deja vu because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the last part of this movie before.  All in all, a delightful gem with great acting and writing.
  • THE BOURNE IDENTITY – I never thought of myself as an overly Matt Damon kind of person but my god, the muscular proportions on that man.  I thoroughly enjoyed this film.
  • THE CRYING GAME – So much more than I thought, even though, surely, the spoiler wasn’t really a spoiler after so many years.  Tame by todays standards but I can see how it must have been totally shocking way back when.  That said, I was able to appreciate the mechanics of story telling in full and I must say, very well done.
  • MAN PUSH CART – Quite captivating but baffling extras.

Three of the above advance to my permanent Bibliothek.


3 Responses

  1. I was recently treated to the three-hour Battlestar Galactica pilot and must say I was impressed. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of that. Iron Man, yes. Chappelle’s Show is so take-no-prisoners awesome. Prince serving pancakes…priceless. Love Tumbleweeds! I feel the same way about The Crying Game–never imagined how deep it got before I saw it. Ever see the Little Britain series by the BBC? I think you’d appreciate it.

  2. I think you forgot CRAZY LOVE – I’m still having nightmares!

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